Best Ways How to Drink Rum

How to Drink Rum to enjoy rum divine flavor

The best way how to drink rum is any way you like it. So says the multitude of connoisseurs who love rum. Rum is more than just a drink; it is a culture in itself. Whether you drink rum with a mix, with cola, spiced, straight or on ice, you will savor rum’s divine flavor. The top lists of choices seem to be (not in any particular order):

  • Cubra Libra – Rum & Coke with a twist of lime.
  • In Any Clear Soda
  • In Rum Eggnog
  • In Long Island Ice Tea
  • ½ Rum & ½ with Beer
  • With Rum and Fruit Juice
  • Warmed in a Snifter
  • Pina Colada
  • Daiquiri
  • Hot Buttered Rum
  • Coffee with rum

Given a myriad of choices, rum drinks are a favorite across the globe but especially in the tropical islands where rum was first made. It is the Caribbean national drink without doubt, heaven itself for users and hell for abusers. The traditional story of how rum came to be a sailor’s delight states that by the time sailors from England hit the tropics, the wine had soured and the beer had gone flat. Rum was discovered to last the duration. Drinking was provided as compensation for long voyages at sea, and when those sailors first tasted rum, it quickly became the treasured favorite, winding its way into even pirate folklore. We can all sing along to the Disney song, Yo-Ho Yo-Ho a Pirates Life for me, and can probably even quote Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island, Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum. Sailors the world over identify with rum, especially those in the Caribbean- the birthplace of the traditions of rum and the sea.

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The history of rum is rich with pirate stories full of adventure. Pirates were drinkers and the truth is somewhere in all of those stories but perhaps not quite as romantic as portrayed by Errol Flynn and Johnny Depp. The tropics have kept their hold over the rum mystique, offering the visitor the best it has to offer. Rum has evolved from being barely drinkable into the foundation for many wonderful drinks like the Daiquiri. Most people think of a Daiquiri as being a frozen drink, but that’s not the case to true rum lovers. The best way to drink rum in a Daiquiri is to simply make it a cocktail, not a slushy.

Rum has been deeply intertwined with the discovery and formation of America. From stories about the famous ride of Paul Revere, we hear that Paul had a swallow of rum somewhere on his midnight run, but just to stiffen his resolve, mind you. George Washington, in 1778 marked the July 4th with a double ration of rum for the troops. Benjamin Franklin penned an ode to rum. Ernest Hemmingway, the quintessential American writer, was a firm believer that the best way to drink rum was to mix it in all his cocktails. Even John F. Kennedy imbibed while watching election returns in 1960. Anointed the “dean of American cookery” by the New York Times in 1954, James Beard gave this tribute to rum, “of all the spirits in your home, it is the most romantic.”

Rum Quote: Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest-Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! ~ Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island