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Navy Rum is not just a name for dark rum. Navy Rum is also known as Naval Rum or Pusser Rum. Pusser rum because the crew of a naval vessel was given by the purser of the ship. The British Royal Navy issued a daily lot of rum to the crew with a double dose before and after battles. British Navy for over 300 years paid crew in rum, substituting rum for beer in 1731. Pusser Rum became a form of currency, a way to pay off old debts or to reward a shipmate for a favor. Even card games were played for rum. Pusser Rum had a value that was defined by such terms as “a wet”, “sipper”, “gulper” and “sandy bottoms”, all used to define the amount. This practice was stopped on July 31, 1970, thus being remembered as ‘ Black Tot Day.’ When the British Royal Navy finally abolished the rum issue, many of the old salts took early retirement and never returned.

In 1979, Charles Tobias, a global sailor and entrepreneur, sought to reestablish the Pusser Rum tradition. Obtaining all of the rights and blending instructions from the Admiralty, he formed the Pusser Ltd Company in the British Virgin Islands. This Navy Rum is the same blend of five West Indian rums used on old British warships. By 1980, he was selling British Navy Pusser Rum to the general public.

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Rum and the sea are inseparable. No rum is more akin to the sea and the sailor than Pusser Rum – the Original Navy Rum. Pusser Rum continues to be distilled in the same wooden stills as it has for more than for more than 200 years. While the rich flavor of Pusser Rum is natural, most other major rum brands add flavoring agents and sugar to make their products smoother and to give them body. Real navy rum or naval rum has to be distilled in wood. By contrast, Pusser Rum uses no flavoring agents or sugar. It is all natural. Sold in unique sailing style decorative bottles or in the distinctive Pusser bottle. Pusser Naval Rum is available in 80 proof bottles up to 151 proof.

The Royal Navy Sailor’s Fund, a naval charity more commonly called the “Tot Fund” receives a substantial donation from the sale of each bottle of British Navy Pusser Rum. The Pusser’s contribution has become the fund largest source of income. The culture of the company is traditional, maritime and historical, part of the company’s efforts to support maritime restoration projects while making others aware of its products.

Rum Quote: Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest-Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! ~ Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island