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What is the Best Rum? here are many rum brands.

Rum has become a popular liquor throughout the globe. There are many rum brands, rum colors, and types of rums that have originated in parts of the world such as the Caribbean, Guatemala, Australia, India, the West Indies, Brazil, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and much more. You have light rum, spiced rum, and dark rum. There are many brands such as Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Admiral Nelson, Malibu, Goslings, and Naval rum. However, with all of these choices people want to know what the best rum? The best rum is personal preference and can be debated by grades, types, and brands. Some rums that tend to be more popular, more expensive, and overall greatly desired. Here are some of the best rums:

Light Rum:
Bacardi Rum– Bacardi is a medium grade rum that can be purchase in light, dark, infused with flavors, and is very affordable for people. It has a smooth texture and a classic taste that people are drawn to. Bacardi is made in different proofs with 100 being the highest. Bacardi consumers are faithful to the simplicity and its affordable price. Bacardi can be considered the best rum because it is the most popular rum sold within the United States.

Spiced rum:

Captain Morgan Rum– Captain Morgan is a popular spiced rum that has a dark amber tinge and tastes of hints of spices that make it delicious when mixed with coke. Captain Morgan offers different proofs, a coconut infused rum known as Parrot Bay, and mixed drinks such as Long Island iced tea ready to be served straight from the bottle. Captain Morgan also have silver spiced rum that does not have the gold tinge that the original spiced rum possesses. Captain Morgan is a mid-grade rum that is affordable, and people are drawn to the flavors it produces. You do not want to argue with anyone who drinks with Captain Morgan as they will argue that it is the best rum of all time.

Dark Rum:
Goslings Black Seal Rum – Goslings Rum is produced in Bermuda by Goslings Brothers Incorporated. Goslings Rum offers many types of rums, but their best rum is their black seal label that reaps profits from it’s exquisite taste and trendy dark color. Goslings Rum is another mid-grade rum that is affordable and can be purchased almost anywhere. Goslings Rum also produces gold rums, light rums, and flavored rums which are quite popular, but not as popular as their dark rum when placed in the competition with the Captain Morgan and Bacardi brands.

Rum is one of the oldest types of liquors that there is and it continues to make history as manufacturers and distillers find new approaches to marketing their brands, make their brands more appealing and flavorful. The best rum has not been produced yet as improvements are being made as technology produces fresh ways to distill, and age rum liquor. What is the best rum? All rums are unique and everyone has their own rum opinions.

Agave Rum:

Gold Miner Agave Rum – Desert Diamond Distillery is the first American distillery to introduce Agave Rum. The Gold Miner Agave Rum is combination of molasses dark rum and agave that produces a refreshing smooth taste perfect for the American Wild West spirit. The Gold Miner brand Premium Hand Crafted Agave Rum is seductively rich in delicious flavor, amber color and desert fragrance. Agave rum can be enjoyed chilled over ice or served at room temperature as an after-dinner drink. The perfect tribute while reminiscing about the Arizona scenery and its star-lit sky. Learn More – click here



Rum Quote: Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest-Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! ~ Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island