Types of Rum | Light , Dark or Flavored

Light Rum , Dark Rum or Flavored Rum – What is your favorite?

Rum is a phenomenal spirit with a vast history and an active role in the present society. There are so many brands, labels, and rum types on the market it is a rum lovers paradise. With the various rum types comes the alternate grades of rum. There are several categories of rum, however the main forms are either considered light or dark. Light rums are not aged as long as that of dark rums, they have a clear color appearance and stored in casks made of oak. However, dark rum is aged significantly longer ranging from the process of being aged for 3 years to as much as 12 years. With any spirit is a given that darker alcohol substances have a richer aroma and flavor, and the lighter rums are well- lighter in these characteristics.

Here are a few of the different grades of rum and rum types:

  • Light Rum – These rums are often termed white or silver rum. It consist of no color and a light flavor. They are filtered and distilled numerous times to remove color and impurities. In addition, these rums are not aged as long as other rumtypes.
  • Gold Rum – These rums can be referred to as amber rums. They are aged longer and possess a richer flavor than other rum types. They take on a woodsy flavor and a darker hue from the wooden casks they are aged in.
  • Spiced Rum – Much like the darker rums in appearance and flavor. These rum types are aged about the same as dark rums, however spices and caramel coloring are often added to these rums to give it a distinguished “spicy taste.”
  • Dark Rum – This can be referred to as black rum, and is a tad richer in flavor and hue than that of gold rum. It is basically aged longer than any other of the rum types. It possesses a distinct pungent flavor and has traces of alternate flavors. This type rum is usually great for cooking with, and utilized in most cocktails.
  • Flavored Rum – One of the newest rum types is the flavored rums. These are usually basically light rum that has been infused with fruity flavors and scents. There are many flavored rums on the market today such as citrus, vanilla, chocolate, orange, mango, lime, coconut, banana, and more.
  • Overproof Rum – Most rums are consistent of about 40% alcohol or 80 proof, however there is a market full of overproof rums that contain up to 75% alcohol with proofs as high as 151-160.
  • Premium Rum – With every spirit there has to be a market exception for a high-end or elite label. These are the luxury rum types that come with a very big price tag. Commonly these premium rums are consumed straight and purchased from rum connoisseurs.

The value of the well-recognized and consumed spirit rum is immeasurable. As with any spirit there are many different brands, types, and flavors. Throughout the decades and centuries more and more rum types have been composed giving people a fine array of flavors, aromas, and grades to select from. If it were not for the different types of rum available, it may not have not become such a prominent and popular liquor amongst many nations and countries. However, it has remained one of the most sought after and consumed liquors within all spirits that exist.

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Rum Quote: Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest-Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! ~ Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island