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In 2009, The New York Times ran a column on how rum popularity has expanded. Rum is one of the most popular spirits in the world. Rum trends have blossomed into a marketing success in the way it is marketed, produced, and consumed.

New rum trends are in the presentation of the artistic bottles. Also, rums are being processed differently and produce with more of a woodsy flavor. The hot rum color is black. Here are some of the top new rum trends we can expect in rum industry:

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Rum bars – Rum bars and rum nightclubs are becoming very popular. California introduced two rum bars last year. There been rum bars introduced in New York and other states. Rum bars and Rum nightclubs are becoming a haven for people want new exciting cocktails.

New Rums – Several new rums are being introduced. The new Tiki Rum is hitting the market and being designed. Available only for consumption in a few places in the Carribean. Tiki Rum is called painkiller which sounds like it packs a big punch.

Rum Punch – Rum punch is being newly defined as the freshest cocktail in most modern and trendy bars and is an entirely new rum trend all of it’s own. With the newborn concoctions of fresh fruit juices, rum punch has taken a grand approach to the old-fashioned drink formerly made with mediocre punch and tasteless rum.

New Marketing – Rum Brand competition has increases as the rum brand selection expands. Rum brands are marketing hip looking bottles that spike appeal and shout ” buy me.” These rum trends will follow with run brands producing more flavored rums, colored rums, and igniting their game to climb to the top of the liquor industry.

With these rum trends come future innovations in how rum is consumed. People everywhere will be indulging at the new rum bars, drinking black rums, and get acquainted with Tiki Rum painkillers. In the upcoming new rum trends we will have greater selection of rum choices and much more fun ahead drinking rum.

Rum Quote: Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest-Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! ~ Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island