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Rum Brand of the Month

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As professional bartenders, we have been studying to be Rum Connoisseurs. Rum is one of the oldest liquor. There is a difference between cheap rum brands and the Best Premium Rum. We hope to educate you about the wonderful world of the Rum Brand of the Month. Come join us in "The Rum Experience ©". DRINK RUM !

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Rum Brand of the Month

Desert Diamond Distillery

gold miner rum

Desert Diamond Distillery Gold Miner Rum

Located in Kingman, Arizona near the Historic Route 66 Highway

The Desert Diamond Distillery Gold Miner Rum is both American and Arizona Wild West spirit at its finest. With molasses sourced from Louisiana, the Desert Diamond Distillery is re-creating American cultural tradition with Wild West Gold Miner spirit. It’s Made in Arizona rum offers three distinctive adventurous styles: Gold Miner White rum, Gold Miner Dark rum and Agave Rum. Desert Diamond Distillery received the Bronze Award for it's Gold Miner Dark Rum at the 2010 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition.

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Rum Quote: Fifteen men on the dead man's chest-Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! ~ Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island

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